Specialty Liquor

Barrel Mug

Reminiscent of an American oak barrel, the Barrel Mug is a versatile container that can be utilized for distilled spirits/craft beer or as a collectable mug to advertise brands. The front and the back of the mug feature a vertically flat panel that can be labeled or screen printed. These flat panels are mould inserts that can be cost effectively customized.

  • Technical Specifications
  • Packaging Specifications

Technical Specifications

Color White Flint
Finish GPI 70-450-405
Height (mm) 180.73
Weight (g) 570
Shape Round
Diameter (mm) 125.73

Packaging Specifications

Piramal Spec. No. Bottles Per Case Bottles Per Pallet Approx. Pallet Gross Weight (lbs) Overall Pallet Height (in)
L1076RT 12 960 1270 84